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    Left to right:


    Cobwebber, long #010   62"     $35       
    Cobwebber, med. #09    54"     $32     
    Cobwebber, short #08  38"     $29     

    Light-weight, gentle and long reaching, these brooms are perfect for sweeping cobwebs. 


    Left to right: 


    Floor broom #012     58"     $65      
    Compact Sweeper #011  48"     $49      
    Mini Broom   #025  35"     $39      
    Fireplace Flat #03    25"     $35      

    Store brooms inside, hanging on a hook or set upside down to preserve the shape of the broom.

    Left to right:


    Long, untrimmed #26u   65"     $49       
    Long, trimmed. #26tr 58"     $49       
    Medium, untrim. #07   55"     $39      
    Medium, trim. #06     48"     $39      
    Fireplace, untr. #05    34"     $32      
    Fireplace, trim. #04    25"     $32       

    Untrimmed, round brooms are used  by 
    sweeping on the side of the brush, covering 
    a large area - good for smooth surfaces and 
    fine dirt. Keep hung when not in use.

    Trimmed, round brooms can be set free-standing or hung when not in use.


    Left to right:

    Heart, Treble Clef, Celtic and Leaf designs. average length 20" 


    Shaker Flat   #023   $45    
    Round, trim #022    $43   



    Left to right:


    Sailor, flat      #021f    20~"     $35    
    Sailor, round #21r    20~"     $32    
    Whisk, round #01    17"     $25     
    Whisk, flat   #02 17"     $29    
    Golf Shoe Brush #024  11"     $25     

    Designed to clean the cleats on golf shoes, Golf Shoe Brushes are also useful for whenever you need a stiff brush.



    Left to right:


    Natural Floor, flat     55" range     $149-300+ 
    Natural Medium, flat     40" range     $90-180  
    Natural Fireplace, flat  30" range     $65-75  

    Note: Natural branch brooms are priced individually and range from $65 Cdn, to $300+ ~ Cdn. depending on length of handle, type of wood and size of broom. Ask for short, medium or long.


    To create our natural branches, we
    hand gather deadwood from a variety of species.

    We finely sand and 
    finish the wood with boiled linseed oil.




    NATURAL BRANCH, Traditional Untrimmed Brush
    Left to right: 


    Natural, Floor, untrim.     55" range     $95+
    Natural, Medium, untrim.     46" range   $80+
    Natural, Fireplace, untrim. 35" range     $59-70  

    These brooms are priced individually and range
    from $59 to $190+ Cdn depending on length of handle, type of wood and size of broom. Ask for short, medium or long



    RUSTIC FLOOR BROOMS, Untrimmed Brush or Shaker Flat
    Left to right: 


    Rustic Floor, flat     55" range        $129
    Rustic Floor, untrim. 55" range    $89 

    The rustic floor  brooms are made with cherry birch or alder handles and are only lightly sanded and oiled, as the bark is left on.  The untrimmed brooms are like those that we produced for Raincoast Books in the launch of the 5th Harry Potter book within Canada.      The handle and brush on the rustic Shaker flat brooms are slightly longer and thicker.




    Marriage Brooms are unusual brooms, built on a
    forked branch. They symbolize a union of two. Along with the other styles of brooms, these brooms can be used in wedding ceremonies.

    Prices range from $180-$300+    depending on length of handle.



    TURKEY WING STYLE WHISKS                              


    Small 7" range    $16 
    Large 12" range    $19 

    Turkey wing whisks are the softest brooms we carry, and are not woven on the top. These brooms are great for smooth surfaces such as counter-tops and to use with a dustpan.




    Each broom comes with a tag that includes the following folklore: 

    Traditionally, brooms have been used to sweep away evil 
    and bad fortune. New brooms bring good luck. 
    Housewarming -
    A new broom brings good luck and harmony
    to a new home. 
    Marriage -
    If a bride and groom hold hands and jump over a broom, 
    good luck and fortune will abound in their union. An old Welsh custom 
    calls for newlyweds to enter their new home by stepping over a broom
    and luck will follow.


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